Laura Bell Bundy on: Musical bloopers, Charlie Sheen & Coming back to Broadway


A cheery voice chimed through the phone when I picked up:

“Hi Robert, It’s Laura Bell Bundy!”

Her words immediately beamed a ray of sunshine into the room, melting the blizzard like conditions of the east coast from my mind.

Laura has proudly deemed the titles: “the Ambassador of Good Times”, “keeper of the bourbon”, “Kentucky Wildcat”, “mommy to the canine community”, and “the Mayor of Crazytown”, among others, but perhaps can best be described as pure light. For a self-proclaimed “hot mess”, The Kentucky native certainly seems to have her fried chicken in the bucket. LBB has had an overflow of success across the board, creating bold performances on Broadway (most notably her Tony nominated turn as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical), television (stints on How I Met Your Mother, Anger Management & Hart of Dixie) and film (including: Dreamgirls) from an early age. She even managed to break into the country music scene, releasing several albums and hit singles. LBB’s achievements are no surprise, as the skilled entertainer has her intentions in the right place.

“The motivation is not to be famous, it’s to have fun until I drop dead.”

Fresh off a scenic hike in the California sun, Laura called NYCastings to discuss: some career ups and hilarious downs, what it’s really like working with Charlie Sheen, some great advice for aspiring performers and a possible Broadway return. Read on for a good time!

RP: First of all, what made you get into acting?

LBB: My mother! [Laughs]… You know, I was a kid actor. I was always a very imaginative child. Playing for me was playing house or creating characters out of every one of my dolls and talking to myself. My sisters were pretty much out of the house when I was a kid. I was pretty lonely. So I think that made me get into acting because I was kind of fond of “pretend”.

My mom had me in dance, music and children’s theatre in Kentucky – all that kind of stuff. When I was five my mom entered me in a local pageant, and I won! And then I went to the state level and I won! And then I went to the national level, and I won! I won a new car at five.

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