Brit + Co: LBB Shares Her Halloween Essentials

What Your Halloween Essentials List Looks like Before and After You Have Kids

For you, today, October 31, Halloween might be a holiday that comes but once a year. For some people, like, well, everyone who works at Brit + Co and singer, actor, funnywoman Laura Bell Bundy, every day is Halloween. You know our track record with costumes at this point, so let’s talk about Laura’s.

From appearing on the big screen in Jumanji (yes! she is Young Sarah!!) to the Broadway stage in shows like Legally Blonde and Hairspray, to starring in the TV show Anger Management, getting dressed up and playing pretend is your average Tuesday for Laura. Today, she wears a few more hats… and wigs as a country singer and the star of the recently launched YouTube channel Skits-o-Frenic.

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LBB Launches New YouTube Channel Skits-O-Frenic

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From Laura Bell Bundy and the creative masterminds that brought you Cooter County comes a brand new digital channel like you’ve never seen before. Defined as ‘the uncontrollable urge to burst into song, dance, dramatic scene or comedic sketch,’ Skits-O-Frenic is a channel that fulfills the need for the classic variety show while catering to the modern digital viewer.

Skits-O-Frenic will launch it’s Youtube channel today with four digital shorts each showcasing the four different categories that encompass the channel— music, dance, comedy and drama. Every week, subscribers can expect to be entertained by a video in one or more of these genres, littered with guest stars such as Cheyenne Jackson, Kerry Butler, Kyle Lowder, Marissa Jaret Winoker, and a special appearance by Charlie Sheen in the channel’s first episode.

Skits-O-Frenic fully utilizes the many talents of it’s creators Laura Bell Bundy, Tiffany Engen & Brooke Engen. Together they have conquered Broadway, choreographed, directed and produced numerous major label music videos, and written and recorded countless songs and comedic sketches.
“We wanted to create a channel where there is something for everyone. Music videos, unexpected, cool covers of hit songs, dancing in surprise places, commercial parodies, great literary works played out in reality show format. It’s going to be a crazy ride,” says Brooke Engen.

Tiffany adds, “For me, the dream of doing a Variety Show was influenced by our theatre experience, where we have had the opportunity to work with some of the best writers, directors, choreographers, and producers.”

The channel will also be their first creative venture with Elyse McKenna, co-founder of Downright Creative, a digital branding agency founded in 2015 with Bundy. By merging forces, this powerhouse group of strong women have created a show that is fresh, challenging, irreverent and most of all funny.

“It has been such a fun ride getting to this launch with my creative partner and friend,” says McKenna. “Laura drives the fun bus and the three of us are great co-pilots! Skits-o-frenic is not only a place that encompasses all that is Laura Bell Bundy, but is a playground for all creative endeavors.”

Bundy says “I was the little girl you couldn’t rip away from the TV when Carol Burnett was on and I’ve grown up to be a person who never grew up. Skits-O-Frenic is my sandbox that doesn’t box me in and is instead a place where the zaniest of ideas are brought to life… every week.”

Skits-O-Frenic premieres today on YouTube. You can check it out here!

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Watch Charlie Sheen Join Laura Bell Bundy in Her New YouTube Show

Laura Bell Bundy is launching Skits-O-Frenic, the actress’ own YouTube show, on Oct. 21, and her Anger Management co-star Charlie Sheen is joining her for the premiere episode.

Skits-O-Frenic is a modern-day variety show sprinkled with celebrity guests. Each week, the episode will showcase a different side of Bundy’s talents, including singing, dancing, dramatic scenes and comedic sketches. Bundy, who grew up watching episodes of The Carol Burnett Show and loves sketch comedy, says, “Essentially, what I wanted to do with Skits-O-Frenic is create an online variety show.”

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